Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Parties

Go for a stroll in the magical jungles of your imagination and bring back a beloved, lumbering being to add some oomph to your baby shower plans: the darling, goofy elephant!  This sweet creature packs tonnes of creativity in serving as the theme of your baby shower, from the cake and petit fours to the decorations, and of course, the baby shower invitations!

Disney’s Dumbo Baby Shower Invitations

Turn to pop culture to find inspiration on how to craft an elephant theme for your baby shower. When you think “Disney”, who is the main mastodon that trumpets in your mind? Dear little Dumbo, of course! The charming, touching tale of a sweet little elephant calf separated from and then reunited with his mum continues to enchant those of all ages who watch it, and the bashful elephant calf with enormous ears and starling blue eyes is a lovely icon of innocence and fun! Your local baker will be delighted to bake a Dumbo cake to your liking, and if you browse around online, you will be able to find Dumbo gracing the exteriors of some charming baby shower invites!

Mummy & Baby Elephant Baby Shower Invites

One of the most endearing sights in elephant herds is baby elephants who tug on the tails (and on our heartstrings!) of their mums with their trunks like our little ones hold our hands. Thus, the mum and baby elephant pose as the ideal icon to grace your baby shower invites! Or you can extend this idea further as another popular baby shower invitation theme features elephants standing trunk-to-tail in silhouette. This can be used to frame baby shower invites, or even serve as lovely garlands to decorate the room of the baby shower! And of course, the more colourful the elephants are, the better

spotted elepants square w magnet in lolly green 261253 Elephant Themed Baby Shower Parties

Spotted Elepants Square w/ Magnet in Lolly Green - Impressive Invitations

Elephants, Elephants, Everywhere!

If you google the phrase “elephant baby shower”, you will be treated to a wide array of elephant baby shower invites, cakes, party favours, and more ideas to use this versatile being in your baby shower planning. Colours are not limited to grey, but pinks, blues, pale yellows, and greens are also used in a variety of creative ways, with the sky as the limit! You can buy cookie cutters in the shapes of elephants and invite your guests to decorate them with coloured icing and text for a dose of creative fun!

Lil Tots and Baby Shower Invitations

Time to break out the sparkling (non-alcoholic) beverages; a significant lady in your life is having a bundle of joy (or two!) and the most important thing on your to-do list is planning the perfect baby shower! What naturally follows is coming up with the perfect baby shower invitation for the close circle of friends and family who are going to amply spoil the mum-to-be and welcome her little one into the world!

Little Girl/Little Boy Baby Shower Invites

Who is it going to be? A darling little girl, the apple of daddy’s eye or a charming little guy, a handsome momma’s boy? Whether or not the mum-to-be knows which one the stork will deliver, it doesn’t hurt for you and the ladies to have fun speculating about the little tot who’s going to be running circles around your lives! Perhaps you can feature a glass jar and pieces of pink and blue paper, and guests can fill in possible baby names.

joy postcard in fuschia pink 218627 Lil Tots and Baby Shower Invitations

This can even be part of the baby shower invitation itself, where you can include a pink or blue card that guests can pop in the glass jar when they arrive! Perhaps you can also incorporate the traditional colours of blue and pink in fun ways on your baby shower invitations and in the shower itself. For instance, you can feature silver Hershey’s Chocolate Bars with pink colouring the “She” part of the candy name and blue highlighting the “He” part in the middle for an imaginative and yummy decoration on the buffet table.

Baby Einsteins, Little Teslas, And Mini Monets!

When planning your baby shower invitations, encourage your guests to bring the little girl or boy some fun books, perhaps from Dr. Seuss or Winnie-the-Pooh, or Maurice Sendak, to encourage reading and creativity from an early age. To continue this fun theme from the baby shower invitation to the actual event, you can feature fun baby shower invites that use popular games (such as Lego) as the theme.

Fun Games for A Fun Baby Shower Invite

Let the imagination of you and your guests run wild at the baby shower! For a dose of creativity, you can have everyone compose a sweet or silly message on baby nappies, for a welcome giggle when mum or dad are up late! Take this even further and give everyone the chance to compose a little note of encouragement for those nights when mum is feeding or feeling a little glum to perk her right up!

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Baby Mobile Inspired Baby Shower Invitations and Party Ideas

If you are in your twenties or thirties, chances are you’ve been to a quite a few baby showers that all feature the same old themes and colours for the baby shower invite, and blah party ideas. Now, you’ve been charged with throwing your bestie or a female relation a truly unique baby shower, which needs a special baby shower invitation. Here’s one theme that encourages creativity: a baby mobile-inspired baby shower!

First Things First: Baby Shower Invitations

When picking out your baby shower invites, aligning them with the theme of the party is key. Choosing a baby shower invitation that features a baby mobile is the easy part, but choosing the kind of baby mobile sets the stage for your whole party! For instance, will your baby shower invitations feature mobiles with animals? One animal? Two? Three? What kind of animal will you prefer? Elephants, cats, or dogs? Birds, bees, or butterflies? Or will you prefer celestial bodies such as stars, moons, or planets? The choices for baby shower invitations are truly limitless, but what you choose for your baby shower invites captures the entire feel of the celebration.

starry night postcard in tiffany blue2 215041 Baby Mobile Inspired Baby Shower Invitations and Party Ideas

Task Two: Games

When you’ve picked out your baby shower invite, the next step is thinking up fun activities that relate to the pace you’ve set with your baby shower invitation. One idea is to make part of the party an “arts and crafts” time, where everyone can make their own baby mobiles for the little one to slumber under. Set out markers, paints, crayons, string, twine, old hangers, and colourful papers, so that everyone can create a unique baby mobile!

Take Three: Food

One of the most fun elements of any baby shower is planning out the food. Of course, you will want to have a mixture of savoury and sweet. When planning your party, you can create sturdy baby mobiles with little trays that feature mini-cupcakes for a unique presentation. Or even use that idea to offer an assortment of savoury nuts and nibbles. Or if you have run out of ideas for food, assemble a DIY baby mobile and simply hang pre-packaged chocolate for a delectable baby mobile that everyone will want to emulate!

As you can see, creativity is key when conjuring up ideas for all aspects of your celebration, from baby shower invitations to great games and yummy food to keep the fun flowing throughout!

Elegant Baby Shower Invitations with Typography

Planning a baby shower is lots of fun! You can get as creative as you want, and depending on if it’s a boy or a girl, have some real fun exploring different themes you can do for each gender. A fab design concept, let’s take a look at using typography to create an elegant baby shower invitation template for your upcoming shower.


Typography is essentially a design concept that brings different fonts, phrases, colours, styles together to create word art that is creative, modernistic and works well for an array of baby themes. Here with an elegant baby shower, we can use scripts, fonts and different elegant font styles to create something beautiful.


Pastels, of course, are a very versatile colour palette that works well for anything baby related. It’s a simple colour scheme for your lovely baby invites. The most popular pastel colours for a baby shower or announcement party are a light baby blue, a pale rose pink, and a soft, faded yellow. Naturally, the blue or pink are used to the corresponding gender being celebrated; but it is a classy and traditional colour palette to use for different elements for your baby shower. You can utilise this colour scheme from the plates and napkins to balloons, invites and just about anything else.

baby dreams postcard in mushroom 218991 Elegant Baby Shower Invitations with Typography

Go Vintage

The vintage style is a popular theme for a variety of different events. From weddings to baby showers, this vintage look creates impressive invitations that are stylish and  elegant. A simplistic, yet unique invitation that would be classified as ‘vintage’ includes a lacy texture or adding pearls to pre-made invitations. Bluebirds, birdcages, and even ‘robin’s eggs’ are popular vintage graphics that make their way onto vintage themed baby invitations. The invites are simple, yet lovely for your baby shower.

A lot of baby showers tend to air on the more elegant side, and so you’ll find some great inspiration for that type of shower here. From pastels to typography, your elegant baby shower invitations are going to be great!

Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower Parties and Invitations

Baby showers are so much of fun for everyone involved! It’s great to get together and see everyone; while celebrating a little bundle joy on the way. Your baby shower invitations should reflect your theme of your baby shower as they  give guests a sneak peak at the type of party you’re throwing.


Setting a Theme


We see so many of the same themed shower invitations all the time; why not try something new or original? Your guests will appreciate the time, effort, and energy put into a fun and unique theme. Be sure to utilise the theme however you can; from baby invitations through to food menu selection, decorations, registry ideas and more.


teddy bear postcard in mushroom 216213 Teddy Bear Themed Baby Shower Parties and Invitations

Cute Ideas


You may need some help getting inspired and creative for a baby shower; we totally get it, it can be stressful trying to settle on one theme or idea for this event. We love the idea of teddy bear themed baby shower parties (think of the cute invitations that can go with this!); you can have each guest bring a stuffed animal or a teddy bear so the baby will have plenty of cute stuffed animals as they grow.


Make it Memorable


The baby on the way won’t be able to see all of the time, love, and energy you and your guests put into this special day, so why not record it for them or capture the memories for them to love and enjoy? Take plenty of pictures, have each guest record a little clip of all they hope for the little one, or have them right a little blurb of love + wisdom on an index card to put in a memory book.


This baby shower will be a hit; have fun planning and take lots of pictures!

Elegant Pram Inspired Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is a fun time for everyone involved and usually includes a couple baby showers in honour of the momma-to-be has, each one given by family, friends, and co workers individually. Regardless of who is throwing the shower, you’ll want to figure out budget, theme, menu, and the guest list before choosing your baby shower invitations. Today we’ll take a look at using elegant pram inspired invitations.


Pram Theme


The pram theme for a baby shower is a great, classic idea that everyone is sure to enjoy and love. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the “pram theme” features a tiny, old fashioned looking stroller in the design concept. The elegant, vintage look of this theme allows it to work well with different designs and ideas being currently used for a variety of baby showers.


Pram Inspired Invites


Your invitations should be sent out for your baby shower four to six weeks before hand; this allows guests to purchase their gifts (be sure to include where the momma-to-be is registered!) and allows you to get a final head count much ahead of time. This theme isn’t gender specific as you can allow your invites to work best with the correlating and corresponding colours to match a boy or girl or if the parents are leaving it for a “surprise”.


bassinette postcard in pastel pink 215079 Elegant Pram Inspired Baby Shower Invitations


Pram Inspired Party


Your baby shower invitations aren’t the only thing that you can use the elegant pram theme with. This theme can be used for the entire party; a pram styled cake, papier-mâché stroller centrepieces, corresponding colours for the rest of the balloons and streams, and more. Another cute idea is to have an old fashioned stroller for guests to place their gifts in when they walk in; a cute way to set up display gifts that also works so well with this adorable baby shower theme!

Rainbow Coloured Invitations and Baby Showers

il 570xN.2340578084 300x300 Rainbow Coloured Invitations and Baby Showers

Planning a baby shower can be fun, but confusing and stressful as well! If you’ve never planned a shower before, it can be a tad intimidating; with baby shower invitations, guest lists, food, decor, games and more to organise! Many baby showers stick to a certain blue or pink theme depending on what gender the baby is. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for a new and fresh idea; don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Planning a Baby Shower


Once you’ve set a day for this baby shower, you’ll want to begin picking and choosing your invitations. Typical for a baby shower is a blue or pink colour scheme, however for party planners looking to not only be original, but for also a gender neutral baby shower, rainbow coloured invitations are a great alternative! Rainbow baby shower invitations are so colourful, unique and bright, that they offer a great scope of ideas for the rest of the party too!


The Rainbow Theme

Your rainbow baby shower invitations aren’t the only colourful thing that will be at this baby shower. Once you send out your invites, you can continue planning a party that is unique and colourful! The rainbow theme can be used for all sorts of things for the shower. Our favourite rainbow ideas include: a rainbow layered cake (you’ll have to look online for this idea, it’s SO easy and SO fun), rainbow themed games (such as making baby things out of coloured clay), rainbow décor (like balloons, streamers, fabric flags), and shower favours (ideas: baby bottle with rainbow coloured M & M’s inside).


Making Memories

After you’ve decided on ways to use the rainbow theme for your baby shower, you can start to finalise all of the details. Stay on task and be organised by delegating tasks when you can and making to-do lists, so that all goes as planned for the special day. Make the day an enjoyable and fun one for everyone, including you! Make sure everyone takes photos at the shower and either upload them to Facebook or in an online album so that everyone can enjoy the memories.

Gender Neutral Baby Showers Parties and Invitations

Planning a baby shower is one of the fun parts of being a part of your friends’ or family members’ joy who is expecting a baby. It gives you a chance to throw a party, giving the momma to be a chance to relax, be showered with gifts, and enjoy fun food before the baby arrives. Many times couples wish to not know the gender of their baby so it’s a surprise. When this is the case, you’ll want to use gender neutral baby shower invitations as you plan and prepare for your baby shower or party.




Gender Neutral Ideas


Just because you don’t know the gender of the baby that’s on the way doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a fun, personal party for the expectant parents. Blue and Pink are traditionally used to symbolise the gender theme of a baby shower; blue for boys, pink of course, for girls. You can avoid this by choosing a pastel colour that works well for both genders, such as light green or pale yellow. Not into pastels? No problem! Bolds or neon colours are definitely in, and are great options when it comes to baby shower invitations for both genders as well.



Choosing Your Baby Shower Invites


You don’t have to choose the traditional route when choosing your baby shower invites. It’s easy to choose baby shower invitations or baby party invitations that don’t imply a traditional boy or girl gender specific theme. Pick a fun childhood theme for your baby shower invites, like storybook characters, baby animals, or sun & clouds.



It’s All In The Details



You don’t have to be a party planner to know how important details are for any event, including baby showers. Once you send out your baby shower invitations, you can focus on the rest of the details for this special day. Research on sites like Pinterest for how-tos, recipes, game ideas, décor and more. The inspiration and creativity will definitely help you plan some gender neutral ideas and themes, too!

 jungle critters card w magnet in lime 253282 Gender Neutral Baby Showers Parties and Invitations

A baby shower is such a fun event to plan for! Even if you don’t know the gender of the baby on the way, you can still come up with some great ideas for baby shower invitations, décor, games, colour schemes, and more!


Patterned Baby Shower Invitations

When you get invited to a baby shower, what is one of the first things you look at signifying that the event is underway? The baby shower invitation, of course! So when you’re planning a baby shower for a friend, family member, co worker, or loved one, why not make sure you’re planning a shower that has fun and stylish baby shower invitations as well? We’ll show you how.

Patterned Baby Shower Invitations

So many people are used to the traditional pink or blue invitations that everyone uses for their baby shower. Why not try something different, go against the grain with something fun and unique? Patterns are a trendy style right now for baby showers, parties, and more—so let’s go with that! You can find an array of baby shower invitations online or at your favourite paper good store. You’ll find patterned styled invitations in an array of colours, sizes, shapes, and styles.

Modern Patterns

Chevron is currently one of the favoured patterns for any event. The horizontal vertical stripe throughout the design adds modern flair while also keeping it clean and organised looking. This pattern is great for a shower celebrating a boy or a girl as you can pick any colour combo or font style to make it work. Polka dots, stripes, and even the damask pattern are great original yet modern pattern ideas for your baby shower invitations. Your guests will love how fabulous these invitations they are, even though they’re for a baby shower.

Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower takes organisation, creativity, and fun ideas to make it a success. Once you send out your baby shower invitations with trendy patterns, colours and designs, you can direct the rest of your attention to the rest of the party planning. Feel free to use these patterns as much as you’d like for the rest of the party in terms of decorations, cake design, wrapping paper, or even your table cloths.

sweet thing postcard in mandarine 218524 Patterned Baby Shower Invitations

We love the idea of using patterns for baby shower invitations, how are you using them for your upcoming baby shower?

Pastel Shade Themes for Baby Shower Invitations


baby bot bot square w magnet in apricot 216197 Pastel Shade Themes for Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower is a fun and exciting time for the expectant parents and those about to enjoy the blessing of a little boy or girl. Choosing pastel shade themes for your baby shower invitations are great options when planning and prepping for this special event. Pastels are a “ safe” colour scheme. This means that they can be used even if you don’t know the baby’s sex yet, and it can be used for a variety of styles and baby shower themes.

Choosing Your Pastel Shade Themes

As mentioned before, this pastel shade theme for your baby shower invitations can be used regardless of the baby’s gender and for a variety of styles. Regardless if you’re having a modern, classic, animal or even storybook theme, the pastel colour scheme is a great to opt for. You’ll be sticking with tradition too as pastel colours like yellow, blue, green and pink are used often as traditional colour palettes for showers. You can dress up these invite colour schemes using materials like lace, tiny diamonds or a fun font like calligraphy.

Pastel Themes for a Baby Shower

Your pastel colours from your baby shower invitations can be used for the entire event as well. Items such as table clothes, table wear, decorations at the church and dining area can utilise the beautiful pastel colour scheme used in your baby shower invitations as well. Many times guests will bring clothing to celebrate the new baby’s arrival if you haven’t registered for a lot of items; why not write on your pastel invitation to have everyone bring pastel outfits?


Enjoying the Baby Shower

Your child-to-be’s baby shower is a day that everyone will remember; your child will enjoy seeing pictures from the event as she or he grows up and looks at scrapbooks and mementos from the special day. Take pictures, save keepsakes, and treasure the memories that happen on that day. It’s an important day for all; and your baby on the way will want to hear the stories when they’re all grown!

Planning your baby shower is a beautiful and fun time for the parents of the child that’s on the way. Happy planning and enjoy your day of celebration!

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