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Picking out baby shower invitations are a fun and easy part of the baby shower planning process. After all the time, energy, and thought you have given to the theme, decor, menu, and more, this will be a piece of cake! Choosing fun designs that are unique and out of the box is definitely something you should aim for when planning this party. People are used to the traditional invites, so, how about picking something that is fun and exciting? Ordering invites are fun and stress-free. You just need to follow some basic steps to pick them out.

Pick Your Layout

Picking a layout seems like an easy task- you’re right, it is! You just have to pick a layout that works best for the party, your budget and the theme. What shape do you want? Are they postcards or note card size to be placed in envelopes? Are they made of high quality card stock or recyclable paper? These are all things to think of when choosing your invites. Think of what type of party you are hosting. Is it a chic little shower or something more formal and traditional? Keep this all in mind when choosing your invites.

Choose Your Colours

Choosing colours is a fun part picking out your baby shower invitations. You are not limited to the traditional pink and blue! Pick from new and trendy colour palettes that create a fun and chic look for the baby shower. Look online at popular colours via colour palettes, inspiration boards and more. The 2013 colour of the year is jade. Is this something you can use for the baby shower? Play around and find out! Non-gender specific colours are totally fine too for the parents-to-be who are waiting until the baby is born to find out their tiny baby’s gender. Colours like green, purple and yellow are great non-gender specific colours.

Add Your Text and Choose the Font

Your next step is to choose a font that best represents the parents to be, the shower’s theme and of course, whatever looks best with the chosen layout and design. Is the party fun and chic, or playful and casual?

If you are not sure what to write, invitations of any sort require the 5W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why.  Format them like this:

  • The Expectant Mom’s Name
  • Date and Time of Shower
  • Location
  • RSVP Information
  • Registry Information (if applicable, this is optional especially if your shower has a special theme for gifts)

You can also list the host’s name, the baby’s name (if the parents know it already) or fun facts about the momma-to-be. Hosting a baby shower is fun and easy; picking out baby shower invites is just one of the many fun steps. Have fun!

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