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Cartoon Characters

Baby showers are all about anticipation and expectation. The arrival of a baby is not something that happens every day. So in preparation of the big event someone must organize a baby shower to celebrate the good news and wish the best of luck to the mother-to-be. Baby showers are when relatives and friends get together and dispense knowledge and experiences or passing on the torch to the new parents. So when so many people are involved you will have to put some serious thought into the organizing of the event. The first and most important thing to decide upon is the theme of the baby shower.

Parent’s Choice

There are many different themes that one can choose when organizing a baby shower, but usually it should be one that the parents or usually the mother-to-be likes. If any of the parents love anything with children or babies then you should go for it. If they have a certain favourite set of cartoon characters that should be a sure winner as the theme of the baby shower. Everyone loves cartoon characters. So you will be able to have a lovely and truly colourful baby shower with little cartoon characters embedded in everything. It will surely be a fun evening.

The Most Favourite Characters

If you are choosing a favourite set of cartoon character there are plenty to choose from. If you want to go classical you can have a Disney cartoon baby shower theme lead by Mickey and Minnie . If you are into television, there is always the Looney Tunes with Bugs Bunny and Elmer. If you want to go for a more modern cartoon baby shower theme, you can go right ahead and choose Spongebob and his friends. I, on the other hand is a comic strip kind of guy. I’d go for a classic theme like Calvin and Hobbes with the baby shower overflowing with images of little Calvin.

Let the Theme Galore

After you choose a set of characters, it’s time to let your cartoon baby shower theme explode. You can use the cartoon characters into anything you like. You can have little characters printed on the baby shower invitations. You can have the characters embedded into the decorations so that the place will look like a comic strip. You can have cookies made in the shape of the characters and even have a big cake in the shape of a character and present it to the mother to be. With a cartoon baby shower theme this might end up being one of the most enjoyable baby showers ever.

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